Multimedia: Solitary Confinement With No End Date

Solitary Confinement With No End Date from WisconsinWatch on Vimeo.

More than 15 days in solitary confinement can be considered torture, according to a United Nations expert on human rights. In Wisconsin, about 100 prisoners are currently held in a solitary status called administrative confinement, which can last years, or even decades. This is solitary confinement with no end date.

To find out what their lives are like, reporters at Wisconsin Watch mailed them surveys. I produced this multimedia piece with the prisoners’ responses read by actors, paired with illustrations by artist Emily Shullaw.

Read the full story by reporter Alexandra Arriaga: Wisconsin inmates report despair, little counseling in solitary confinement that can stretch on for years

More of my video production, and projects I managed for Wisconsin Watch, can be seen here on Vimeo.