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  • I’m on the edge…

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    Like Father, Like Son: Creating Art In A Time Of Troubles

  • Photo by Katie Hayes Luke,

    ‘Suicide By Cop’ Leads Soldier On Chase Of His Life

  • Sgt. Victor Medina, a decorated combat veteran, suffered a mild traumatic brain injury during a roadside blast in Iraq. Since the explosion, he has had trouble reading, comprehending and doing simple tasks. Despite his injuries, Medina and his wife Roxana had to battle the military to receive appropriate care. Photo by Blake Gordon.

    With Traumatic Brain Injuries, Soldiers Face Battle For Care

  • Levon Brooks was wrongfully convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl in Noxubee County, Mississippi in 1990. Photo by John Poole.

    Wrongfully Convicted: Flawed Autopsies Send Two Innocent Men To Jail

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    Lillian’s Story: In Color

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    Finding Beauty In A Baseball, After The Last Pitch

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    One Of These Shells Is Not Like The Others

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    In Hindu Ritual, Nepali Women Are Banished Once A Month

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    Puerto Rico: A Disenchanted Island