Project Management: Outbreak Wisconsin

Outbreak Wisconsin logo produced by Claire DeRosa for Wisconsin Watch.

Outbreak Wisconsin, is a collaborative project by Wisconsin Watch and WPR, that is following Wisconsin residents as they navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic. The residents contribute diary entries, in the form of audio, video and photos of themselves, their families and personal and professional lives. That content is supplemented by interviews and digital content to provide a full picture of how the pandemic is affecting all aspects of life in Wisconsin.

Participants recount what their lives have been like since mid-March 2020, and especially how things have changed since Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued the “Safer at Home” directive on March 24, 2020, which effectively limited movement around the state, except for people deemed “essential” workers.

The goal of the project is to share with our readers and listeners the stories of how the coronavirus, and the policies that have emerged because of it, are affecting Wisconsin residents.

This project is project managed by myself, for Wisconsin Watch, and Bridgit Bowden for WPR.

More of my reporting and photography for Wisconsin Watch can be read here.